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Machine Learning

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Our Key Machine Learning Capabilities

Wrangling Difficult Data

Ingest of data that is ugly, clean, and every format in between. We get data into a form that can be utilized by machine learning.

Natural Language Processing

Insight into text through topic modeling, relationship extraction, entity resolution, semantic search, and event detection.

Imagery and Video Processing

Turn streaming imagery and video into actionable information through the identification of objects, actions, events.

Machine Learning Visualization

Interactive explanations of results from (sometimes) complex machine learning models and techniques.


Featured projects of our machine learning capabilities.

But First, Our Beginnings

  • Technology tracker ingests (automatically uploads documents from the web, share point site, shared drive or by simply uploading an individual document) parses, sorts, analyzes and organizes the data in contextually relevant ways (using the user's lexicon and jargon; the way the user describes their world and environment) and presents the information in user tailored graphic or tabular format.

    Technology Tracking

    Identify technology trends from open source news, websites, and journals.

  • An easy to use interface that automatically creates updates intelligence products with real-time multi-modal data and results

    Automated Intelligence Products

    Data driven intelligence product creation.

  • Statistical topic modeling for the categorization and summarization of documents.

    Document Categorization

    Automatically categorize documents from extremely large datasets.

  • Automatically extracts entities and recommends intra-doc and inter-doc resolutions. Analysts interact with resolution recommendations which are automatically generated, as opposed to manually tagging/resolving entities.

    Entity Resolution

    Identify and resolve entity mentions within and across documents.

  • Automatically identifying objects, relationships, and events from imagery and video.

    Object Detection

    Automatically identify and tag objects from imagery and video.

The Machine Learning API

All capabilities integrated into your solution via an extensible API that operates at scale.

Natural Language Processing
  • Relationship Extraction
  • Entity Resolution
  • Semantic Tagging
  • Topic Modeling
  • Semantic Search
  • Event Labeling
Imagery and Video Processing
  • Relationship Extraction
  • Classification and Routing
  • Semantic Change Detection
  • Object/Action Recognition
  • Scene Labeling
  • Text Detection and Extraction
  • Event Labeling
  • Exemplar Search
Wrangling With Difficult Data
  • Data Ingest
  • Format Conversion
  • Data Normalization
  • Document Tagging
  • Product Generation
  • Cloud Computing


Automatic Supply Chain Extraction and Analysis

Join Us

We are always looking for smart people for full time jobs or internships.

Machine Learning Engineer

You want to develop state of the art machine learning algorithms.

Software Engineer

You build prototype machine learning algorithms and convert it to software that works at scale.

UI/UX Engineer

You build beautiful visualizations of data and algorithms that users love.

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